HD44780 LCD driver library for PIC18 microcontrollers

date:14 August, 2010

This project implements a simple library for interfacing to HD44780-compatible LCD displays. The code was tested on PIC18F4550 and PIC18F66K22 microcontrollers. Some of the features:

  • LCD initialization
  • Sending commands and data
  • Ability to write strings to the LCD
  • Ability to move cursor to a selected location
  • Custom character loading


Here is a picture of the LCD library in action. The content on the LCD was generated by the code shown below.

void main(void)
    // set ports as outputs
    TRISC = 0x00;
    TRISD = 0x00;


    lcd_goto(1, 5);
    lcd_goto(2, 1);

    while (1);

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