PIC Prototyping Board

date:August 1, 2010

PIC prototyping board

Designing a simple microcontroller prototyping board has been on my TODO list for while now. With my new PCB Fab Lab established, I was finally able to start the project.


The design was focused on producing as small a board as possible. The board had to faciliate programming and smooth operation of the microcontroller, while keeping most of the I/O pins available for use.

Even though the board is simple, routing consumed quite a bit of time. The main reason for this was that the design was restricted to a single layer.

The board uses a PIC18F4550 microcontroller. USB socket is used for power as well as programming (bootloader required). DPDT switch allows to choose the source of power - USB or external.

Here is a 3D image of the board, rendered during development.



Here is a video of a test run:


The board next to a PICkit 3

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